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Brandon Madyun
hand-painted jacket

Brandon Madyun, a sophomore and an Education major at Huston-Tillotson, knows all things fashion. So when he learned about the "Harlem Renaissance Meets Huston-Tillotson University" project, he knew art doesn't have to be flat - it can be wearable. Drawing on influences ranging from articles and images from the Library of Congress collections, to input and creativity from family members, he created a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted jacket.

This jacket symbolizes African American culture. In addition to his own knowledge, discoveries, and experiences, Brandon reached out to family members and asked them to draw what African American culture meant to them, as well. In a striking design choice, he asked his family to draw on the back of the jacket to reflect a powerful message:

In African American culture, family has your back.

While this project unfolded during a stressful time for Brandon, he persevered and was able to produce a unique work of art. He was also affected by the trip to Washington, DC, which was an opportunity to gain a different perspective on artifacts preserved from a bygone past, especially those created during, and drawing inspiration from, difficult times.

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